pytc allows complicated global fits to Isothermal Titration Calorimetry data.  Features include an intuitive API, Bayesian and maximum-likelihood analyses, and the ability to simply define new thermodynamic models. 



Software for studying statistical, high-order epistasis in genotype-phenotype maps. You can use this library to:

  1. Decompose genotype-phenotype maps into high-order epistatic interactions

  2. Find nonlinear scales in the genotype-phenotype map

  3. Calculate the contributions of different epistatic orders

  4. Estimate the uncertainty in the epistatic coefficients



HOPS (Hunches from Oregon about Peptide Specificity) takes high-throughput peptide scores (for example, enrichment values from a phage display experiment) and uses machine learning to train predictive models from the calculated physio-chemical properties of each peptide.  It is currently under heavy development.

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